Widespread use of smartphones, internet, and social media exposes today’s students to sensitive issues and topics at far younger ages than in the past. Study after study suggests that young people are not learning the social and relational skills needed to form healthy and wholesome personal relationships. RCL Benziger’s Family Life program provides the resources needed in Catholic schools and parishes to help students develop such skills. Resources for use in the home help family members improve communication skills, share faith, and grow in their practice of Catholic family living.

RCL Benziger’s Family Life is based upon nationally recognized principles for a successful child safety program. It is unique in its approach of integrating child safety content within the broader framework of moral catechesis, virtues education, and Catholic family living. In every lesson of every grade level, children develop the knowledge, self-confidence, and assertiveness skills they need in order to RECOGNIZE, RESPOND, and REPORT dangerous situations.

Incorporating the Family Life program into your school curriculum reinforces the Catholic virtues and values that your students attain with their education. Most Catholic schools offer the Family Life series in ten teaching blocks, corresponding with the ten lessons in each grade level.

• Student Books & eBooks
• Parent Connection & eMagazine
• Teacher Editions
• Program Director’s Manual
• Human Reproduction Booklets for Grades 5 and 6
• NEW! Online eAssessments

The new Family Life online eAssessment platform provides educators with the flexibility to customize questions to measure mastery based upon school or diocesan requirements. Cohesive Assessment System (CAS) is the latest addition to RCL Benziger’s complete solutions for Catholic schools. It is an online assessment system built to provide support for your school program.

Family Life tests for students are already built-in and ready to use. The system is also customizable, enabling teachers to create their own tests from the existing question sets. Tutorials are available to walk you through the process of accessing CAS and creating a test assignment for a pre-built test. Reporting is also available to
enable you to track student progress as related to the Child Safety Education Standards for RCL Benziger’s Family Life program.

• Provides formal documentation of students’ comprehension of child safety concepts
• Fully customizable using existing questions, or create your own
• Track and monitor ongoing progress, comprehension, and student proficiency
• Covers an unprecedented listing of key child safety concepts

RCL Benziger’s new eAssessment platform provides your Catholic school with the ability to monitor, track, and report completion of the Child Safety Education Standards for our Family Life program. 

This innovative program focuses on partnering with parents. It guides children, parents, teachers, and catechists to integrate five themes into Catholic family living: God’s gifts of family, self, life, love, and community. It presents the teachings of the Church with clarity and offers unparalleled support for Catholic families.

The four Cardinal Virtues—justice, fortitude, temperance, and prudence—and their associated Moral Virtues are taught and reinforced through every unit of each grade level. Each lesson helps students and their families begin to practice the skills required to incorporate the highlighted virtue into everyday family living.


RCL Benziger Family Life is a comprehensive moral catechesis for families. Family Life is designed to complement the religion curriculum in your school or parish. Now for the first time RCL Benziger Family Life also integrates child safety education into a holistic approach to family life education. This best-selling program has been revised and strengthened to reinvigorate your partnership with parents. This new revision of the most popular Catholic family Life program in the United States presents the teachings of the church with clarity and offers unparalleled support for Catholic Families!

Key Features of RCL Benziger Family Life: A comprehensive Family Life curriculum that focuses on partnering with the parents - Moral catechesis utilizing a virtues-based pedagogy with emphasis on Christian living - Child safety education highlighting healthy relationships - Adaptability for both schools and parishes to accommodate multiple learning environments.


RCL Benziger Family Life


RCL Benziger Family Life is a comprehensive moral catechesis for families. Family Life is designed to complement the religion curriculum in your school or parish. Now for the first time RCL Benziger Family Life also integrates child safety education into a holistic approach to family life education.

Fortalezca a la Familia Católica con RCL Benziger Vida Familiar - Esta actualizada catequesis de moralidad ayuda y apoya a los catequistas, maestros y padres de familia a fortalecer a las familias Católicas que heredarán valores y virtudes católicas a muchas generaciones por venir. La catequesis Vida Familiar está diseñada como complemento para su programa de estudio actual de religión. La catequesis proporciona información sobre la vida cristiana que incluye: • el enriquecimiento de la identidad católica en las familias, • el aprendizaje y la práctica de hábitos que llevan a las familias a vivir un vida cristiana y • las estrategias para ayudar a los niños a mantenerse sanos y salvos en mente y espíritu

The Parent Connection resource has been developed to help parents discover more about the Catholic faith and connect deeper as a family. Parents will be inspired by teachings of the Catholic Church, and learn some practical techniques to use within their families.



Five Featured Articles per grade level help parents strengthen their relationships with children according to God’s gift of family, self, life, love, and community.

Additional features include:

  • Safer Together: Practical ways for maintaining a safer environment within and outside the home
  • Catholic Parenting: Ideas to fine-tune parenting skills in light of the Gospel message
  • Mindful Moments: Short private reflections to deepen one’s awareness of God’s presence
  • Families in Action: Activities for families to gather, share, and celebrate together


Five Lifestyle Posts per level inform parents about maintaining a Catholic lifestyle for busy families.

Each level also includes:

  • Speaking the Faith: An imaginative question and answer with the Pope to aid parents in speaking about the Catholic faith with their children
  • Talking Tough Topics: Key strategies, methods, and examples of how to address challenging topics with children in age-appropriate ways
  • Habit to Pray: Inspiring prayers and saintly reflections to rekindle a love for talking with God
  • Living the Faith: Reminders on some of the traditions of the Church as well as a unique approach to examining one’s conscience
  • Puzzles & Games: Fun ways to break away from the busyness of family life to engage our minds for the enjoyment


Each Parent Connection honors the family as the “center and heart of the civilization of love” and seeks to help parents discover more about the Catholic faith, connect better as a family, and find more opportunities to love one another as God loves us.