Our Family Faith Series: Our Family Faith Resource Guide + 3 Year License

Author(s): RCL Benziger

Edition: 1.00000000000000000000

Pages: 88 pages


We listened when catechetical leaders asked for faith formation models that better engage families and support parents as the primary catechists of their children. We recognized the need for flexible and customizable resources that are simple, affordable, and effective.

Our Family Faith: Resource Guide for Family Catechesis provides catechetical leaders with the tools needed to engage entire families. Packed with practical suggestions and ready-to-use tools, this guide features:

  • Critical questions and evaluation strategies to be used when assessing current catechetical program
  • Tips and tools for determining the best model and methods for ministering to families
  • Suggested models and recommendations for how to use RCL Benziger products to meet the varied needs of families and faith communities
  • Five detailed plans for gathering the whole family to grow in faith. These sessions explore holy habits for families, rituals and celebrations for families, scripture, virtues and good communication.

    Plus Flourish digital access to an additional 10 session plans!

    The First 3 digital sessions will be available on 12-30-2019
    The Next 3 digital sessions will be available on 4-30-2020
    The Next 4 digital sessions will be available on 8-31-2020

  • Prepared and customizable forms to assist catechetical leaders in resourcing families with materials that can be used at home.

RCL Benziger

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