Blest Are We Faith in Action for Parish


Give students a solid foundation to put faith into action! 

RCL Benziger is your Complete Solution for distance, hybrid, and classroom learning, providing you with engaging, high-quality Catholic religious education resources for the classroom and the home. No matter what learning environment you may find yourself in, we are committed to providing outstanding resources for students, catechists and families.

NEW! Blest Are We Faith in Action - with the Family Life Connection Grades 1-8  

This new Parish Program for grades 1-8 now includes the Family Life Connection, an amazing family resource built right into the Student Edition textbook! Students will take home this two-page insert to help them build the skills they need to live healthy, holy lives.

With the NEW Family Life Connection, families can:
• Deepen their understanding of Catholic values and virtues into their everyday living and for discussing difficult issues.
• Quickly learn essential Catholic teachings related to the lessons in Blest Are We Faith in Action and to their real-life experiences.
• immediately practice strategies for effective communication, maintaining a safe environment, and building healthy relationships as a household of faith.

Serve your family catechetical needs by supporting parents in raising and educating their children with the tools to help them stay safe and to make the right choices. 

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Blest Are We Faith in Action - Parish Edition Grades K-8 

The Blest Are We Faith in Action religious education program was developed according to the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These four parts of the Catechism are identified by the words Believe, Worship, Live, and Pray. Student books for the parish program help students learn their Catholic faith and deepen their Catholic identity. 

Blest Are We Faith in Action offers:

  • Faith in Action pages for each chapter, establishing a strong connection to Catholic Social Teaching
  • Redesigned Take Home pages, supporting families in the faith formation of their children
  • Increased focus on children with special learning needs, addressing practical ways to adapt lessons
  • Training Videos for Catechists, eBooks, eAssessments, Family Resources, Catholic Resources, Saints Resources, Lectionary Resources, and more!

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NEW! Bendecidos Fe en Acción is a two-level bilingual Spanish resource based on the current Blest Are We Faith in Action series. Nine lessons per level focus on key teachings of the Catholic Church. Level I, with an emphasis on sacramental preparation, focuses on Belonging (including Baptism), The Mass, Reconciliation and Eucharist, and the Mission of the Church. Level II focuses on Morality, an overview of the Sacraments, and Discipleship. 

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