Build a world filled with Christ's Disciples with Be My Disciples. This innovative and complete religious education program empowers children and their families to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ, to develop the habits of discipleship, and to decide each day to live as followers of Jesus. 

Be My Disciples shares the Christian story through the use of Sacred Scripture and age-appropriate presentation of Sacred Tradition. It forms children to take their place in the midst of the parish community and to continue to grow in their identity as sons and daughters of God. Resources include a wealth of digital resources available for children, parents, catechists, and program directors.

The program leads Catholic children and their families to:

  • Grow in their conversion to Jesus Christ
  • Develop the habits of discipleship
  • Decide each day to choose life in Christ
  • Live as active, committed members of the Catholic Church

View the Be My Disciples Parish Brochure