Be My Disciples is an innovative and complete religious education program for grades 1-8 that empowers children and their families to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ, to develop the habits of discipleship, and to decide each day to live as followers of Jesus.

The parish program features a spiral approach to learning—teaching, reinforcing, and extending knowledge in Scripture, Catholic doctrine, and the Church year in every grade, every year. Children and their families are invited to grow as disciples of Jesus, and to put their faith into action every day. Additional features include:

  • Chapter Background: Theological context for the chapter content
  • Catechist to Catechist: Practical suggestions that assist catechists and enrich their faith journeys
  • The Church Teaches: References from key catechetical documents, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
  • Catechist Prayer: Short prayers to center catechists as they prepare to begin each lesson

Explore - The Chapter Opener invites prayerful reflection on Scripture and life experience. The Church Follows Jesus section tells the story of a saint, holy person, or ministry of the Church, and teaches children the values of Jesus and the habits of discipleship. Disciple Power is a unique feature in every chapter teaches virtues, gifts, and qualities that help form disciples! The weekly virtue or gift anchors the lesson content and leads the child to a related faith choice.

Discover - Through these doctrinal teaching pages, the building blocks of the lessons, children will: learn Catholic doctrine, tradition, and practices to help build Catholic identity; be inspired by a saint or holy person who models the way of discipleship; enjoy engaging activities that assess comprehension; grow in their knowledge of God’s Word as they hear key Scripture stories and learn chapter-related Scripture quotes.

Decide – The I Follow Jesus section summarizes the lesson, provides an integration activity, and inspires faith in action by inviting the child to make a faith choice. The Chapter Review checks for understanding of key concepts, offers an opportunity for reflection and faith sharing, and provides a tear-out With My Family page that includes a summary, Scripture reflection, family activity, and prayer to encourage faith sharing in the home.


Be My Disciples Components

The Catechist Guides provide the tools needed to form confident, capable, and committed catechists. The guides offer easy-to-use resources and additional features that help catechists prepare engaging lessons.

The Be My Disciples religious education program also enables catechists to reach out to children with special learning needs. The Special Needs feature boxes located throughout the teacher guides provide practical teaching tips and suggestions to enable teachers to better include all students in the learning process. The Special Needs feature boxes also provide background information and tips for working with students who have specific learning needs.

A Lesson Planner for each chapter offers catechists planning-at-a-glance, color coding, lesson activities, learning features such as Faith Vocabulary and Faith-Filled People, a materials and resources list, and a concise wraparound plan to guide catechists through a creative teaching process.

Additional Activity Booklets enhance lessons with timesaving reproducible activities that extend learning in class or at home.

A complete Summer Program helps parish catechetical leaders adapt the Be My Disciples program for use as a two- or three-week summer program format.

Use the Assessment Tools Booklets, reproducible masters, to create an assessment portfolio with chapter and unit tests and other assessment tools.

Assessment Tools Booklets with My Family Booklets provide chapter background and activities for parents and families for each chapter of the Be My Disciples student textbook.

The music program provides song selections to enrich chapter, unit, and liturgical year celebrations. The six-year license allows online streaming through Flourish.


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