The Family Life K-8 program presents Catholic moral teaching and addresses key concerns of today’s Catholic schools and families. In every grade level, Family Life implements child safety education, promotes virtuous living, and strengthens Catholic identity. The Family Life program reinforces the Catholic virtues and values that your students attain with their education. Family Life is an essential component for your school-based religious education program, and meets Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards and benchmarks.

RCL Benziger’s new eAssessment platform also provides your Catholic school with the ability to monitor, track, and report completion of the Child Safety Education Standards for our Family Life program.

• Integrate Family Life Catholic virtues and values into everyday life
• Teach students self-awareness, social awareness, and how to make wise choices
• Train students on the appropriate use of the internet and social media
• Promote child safety education and a safe environment 

• Prepare students for dealing with peer pressure, bullying, and friendships
• Partner with parents and support Catholic families, enriching Catholic identity

This innovative program focuses on partnering with parents. It guides children, parents, teachers, and catechists to integrate five themes into Catholic family living: God’s gifts of family, self, life, love, and community. It presents the teachings of the Church with clarity and offers support for Catholic families.