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Stories of God's Love for School

Grade Levels: Preschool


A Word from Author Shauna Adams
In my 30 years as an early childhood teacher and educator, I have waited anxiously for a time when early learning was recognized as an important focus of educational reform The research base that reflects quality practice in early childhood makes it clear—that time is now. Catholic schools must be a part of the quality conversation as families make more informed choices about early learning.

The research base that reflects quality practice in early childhood served as the basis for how Stories of God’s Love was developed. The Stories of God’s Love series provides the resources to implement a quality program that lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship with God. Stories of God’s Love also builds upon the family’s role in introducing children to their faith, while striving to continue a partnership with the family in the faith formation process. By honoring families and their contributions to the faith formation of their children, Stories of God’s Love builds connections between home, church, school, and family. This connection with families and the research base that reflects quality practice in early childhood make Stories of God’s Love the best choice for school based faith formation.

Shauna M. Adams, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Center for Early Learning;
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
University of Dayton

Teacher Reviews

“We use Stories of God’s Love in our parish program. The children enjoy the real life stories and Scripture stories. The catechists find the guides easy to follow and like the
suggestions for activities and music.”

Deacon Michael W. 

Stories of God’s Love is a faith formation like no other. It is a developmentally appropriate approach to laying the foundation of faith for children, preschool through kindergarten. It embraces the unique nature of God’s youngest learners. This curriculum embraces and supports the need of young children during faith formation to experience learning that embraces their special development and desire for movement, conversation, hands-on experiences, and social interactions. It recognizes the family as the child’s first teacher by engaging the family through weekly leaflets from each of the lessons. These leaflets provide the family with skills to share the Scripture at home as well as extend the learning into simple fun activities that are recommended for each lesson. Stories of God’s Love ensures a strong
spiritual foundation for the child and family.

Pamela M. Perrino, MS.Ed.
Early Childhood Advocate and
Educational Consultant