Teacher Reviews

We were looking for a comprehensive program that was solid in doctrine and the teachings of the Church. What we found in Be My Disciples was all that we were looking for plus beautiful graphics that would draw the students in and capture their attention. It is a dynamic program that is engaging and faithful to the Catholic Church’s teachings.

Philip G.
Principal, Saint Brendan Catholic School
Ormond Beach, Florida


We are so glad we invested in Be My Disciples for our tri-parish Faith Formation Program and School. The Teachers and Catechists find so much excellent material to use in sharing the faith with our Elementary and Junior High students. The website and additional resources are the best!

Sr. Gemma L. OSF
Director of Faith Formation

St. Theodore Parish
St. Damian Parish and Catholic School
Divine Savior Parish
Westland, MI


The "Be My Disciples" program fits perfectly with our parish vision of making disciples within our community and families. The BMD program teaches core values and the basics of our faith so that today's family can exist in modern society as a faithful people. Whether it is a classroom format or families learning together at home, BMD reinforces our parish vision. I believe we are making a difference.

Kay E.
DRE, Prince of Peace Church
Plano, Texas


I was so excited when RCL Benziger introduced their Be My Disciples textbook series. Our program is unique in that we teach American students and Vietnamese children with the same textbooks. I love the way each chapter introduces a disciple of Christ who exemplifies the concept and a disciple power. One of the lessons even uses the Vietnamese martyrs. These textbooks perfectly emphasize the theme of our program which is making active disciples. I especially love the music component and open up every gathering with the "We are Disciples" song.

Suzi G.
Director, St. Vincent Ferrer
Madison Heights, MI


The Be My Disciples program has been a wonderful addition to our faith formation program in the parish.  The content is age appropriate and the wrap around catechists guide is brilliant!  Our catechists are excited to share their faith with the young people in our parish.

Patty C.
St. Theresa's (or Diocese of Saint John)


Since we have introduced the Be My Disciples program into our diocese I have seen a renewed energy towards faith formation.  The program encourages family and parish involvement in the faith development of the youth, something we have been lacking over the last few years.  The energy and excitement over the new program is contagious!

M. Parker
Diocesan Coordinator for Religious Education
Diocese of Saint John


Be My Disciples fits well with the philosophy of Divine Savior’s Faith Formation, which follows the model of the RCIA catechumenate. In other words, it’s a process and not an accomplishment.  Be My Disciples is a spiral curriculum that emphasizes Christ as the center of our faith expressed and learned by prayer, worship, faith sharing and service. The catechists are happy, because they can be creative and centered on the spiritual needs of the children. At Divine Savior, the parents most often bring their children to Faith Formation after First Communion, because they see the value of on-going faith formation and their children are happy to return.

Shery M.
Coordinator of Children’s Faith Formation
Divine Savior Catholic Church
Orangevale, CA


18 of 22 of my catechists attended the BMD Catechist workshop recently held. They all love the program. The ones who have been teaching for years seem as if they are rejuvenated. The kids love the books. They are running up to the parents when they come to pick them up, showing them the pages they looked at in class. It's working like we thought it would. Father allowed me to say a few words at all the masses last weekend about the program and our first day of catechism. Our collection to help with the purchase of the program was this past Sunday. We collected $5,000.00! It was amazing.

Marilyn H.
Saint John

New Brunswick, Canada