Stories of God's Love: Ages 4 and 5 My Emotions Preschool Program Videos

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Stories of God’s Love My Emotions Videos for Preschool Ages 4 and 5

Each of the six My Emotions videos corresponds to a specific unit in Stories of God’s Love. Teachers and catechists may use the videos in the classroom or virtually, or adults may use the videos with children at home. Each video focuses on emotions that young children experience to help them identify, define, and use their feelings in appropriate ways. The videos help the children understand that they are the shepherds of their own emotions. Each child is responsible for caring for his or her feelings in a healthy way. Please note - The availability of the My Emotions video content will be staggered throughout the 2021-22 year, the videos will continue to appear in your Flourish account as they are completed.   

Video Titles - Preschool Ages 4 and 5

Video 1 – Introduction to My Emotions Accompanies Unit 1

Video 2 – Connect with Friends Accompanies Chapters 1-2

Video 3 – Connect with Love and Kindness Accompanies Chapters 3-6

Video 4 – Connect with Our Community Accompanies Chapters 7-10

Video 5 – Connect with Our Family Members Accompanies Chapters 11-14

Video 6 – Serve Our Community Accompanies Chapters 15-8

The Stories of God’s Love: My Emotions videos are research-based, utilizing the work of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) on building social and emotional skills. The videos may be accessed through Flourish, RCL Benziger’s online platform. A one-year license includes resources for adults both in the classroom and at home, such as the printable Feelings Chart and Emotion Cards as seen in the videos. 

Please note - The availability of the My Emotions video content will be staggered throughout the coming year, as new video content in the series is completed it will be added to Flourish. Your purchase includes all 6 videos. 

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