NABRE, Fireside Catholic Youth Bible - NEXT, Music 2 CD Set

Author(s): RCL Benziger


The FCYB (Fireside Catholic Youth Bible) CD is a two-disk set of music from contemporary artists such as Michael Mahler, Susan J. Paul, David Haas, Aaron Thompson, and many more. The themes of the music were chosen to accompany the topics in The Fireside Catholic Youth Bible to provide Christ-centered wisdom, inspiration, and strength.

CD 1 contains:

  1. Acceptance - "No Longer Strangers" by David Haas
  2. Anger - "Turn the Page" by Aaron Thompson
  3. Choices - "More of My Life" by Brianna
  4. Courage - "River of Hope" by Susan J. Paul
  5. Culture - "Hope at the Crossroads" by Michael Mahler
  6. Discouragement - "Broken" by Ryan Meyers
  7. Faith - "A Long, Long Way" by Brianna
  8. Guilt - "Give Us Your Peace" by Michael Mahler
  9. Intolerance - "Voices That Challenge" by David Haas
  10. Love - "God Is There" by Aaron Thompson



  1. CD 2
  2. Money - "Give the Lord Your Heart" by Michael Mahler
  3. Peer Pressure - "Follow the Light" by Putori/Dutkiewicz
  4. Prayer - "Improvisation and Alleluia II" by In the Spirit of Taize
  5. Relationships - "One in His Name" by Michael Mahler
  6. Respect - "We Will Remember" by Susan J. Paul
  7. Responsibility - "We Are Called" by David Haas
  8. Service - "What You Have Done For Me" by Tony Alonso
  9. Sex - "Make Me Holy" by Aaron Thompson
  10. Temptation - "Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled" by Susan J. Paul
  11. Winning and Losing - "You're On My Side" by Crossed Hearts
  12. Worship - "We Praise You" by David Haas


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