Helping Kids Live Their Faith

Author(s): RCL Benziger

Edition: 2

Pages: 98


This book offers numerous ideas and opportunities to help children understand the importance of carrying out the Church's mission of serving their families, the community, and parish.

The Helping Kids Live Their Faith book exemplifies how children can live their faith based on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Blest Are We Faith in Action promotes faith, Word, and action, thereby this small book provides practical application through service projects to model ways to live and act in faith.

  • It provides service project ideas that make a difference in the faith life of the student helping them learn to put their faith into action.
  • The book provides principals, DRE's, teachers, catechists, ideas for service projects so that they may provide opportunities for children to both learn about and live their faith.
  • It encourages the adult to serve as a model of faith helping the children understand what it looks like to live a life of faith.
  • The Faith in Action feature in the Blest Are We series, is based on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching focused on the parish community; the book, Helping Kids Live Their Faith provides further information and practical application of Faith in Action with the broader community.

The purpose of the book:

  • It helps the user understand how service is integral to the mission of the Church.
  • It offers suggestions for incorporating service into programs for children and youth.
  • The key features of the book:
    • Chapters 1-7 outline numerous service projects for young people of all ages that are based on the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching. These principles were outlined in 1998 by USCCB in Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions and the principles are listed in the book.
    • Chapter 8 focuses on peace, helping young people grow in their skills to live as peacemakers and the opportunity to make a difference in the world, living a life of faith in action.
    • Chapter 9 provides fundraising ideas that can raise money for the service projects if needed.
    • Chapter 10 provides advice for adults who are working with young people and service projects.
    • There is a list of agencies, organizations, and offices that can serve as valuable resources in planning and preparing the service projects.

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