Family Life: Teacher eAssessment 1-Year License Grade 6

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Family Life eAssessment 

RCL Benziger’s Family Life (K-8) program integrates child safety content within the framework of moral catechesis and Catholic family living. The new Family Life online eAssessment platform provides educators the ability to measure mastery based upon your parish, school, or diocesan requirements.

  • Provides formal documentation of students’ comprehension of child safety concepts
  • Fully customizable using existing questions or create your own   
  • Track and monitor ongoing progress, comprehension, and student proficiency
  • Covers an unprecedented listing of key child safety concepts
  • Supports Catholic schools in measuring their compliance with the Mission and Catholic Identity and Academic Excellence standards

RCL Benziger’s new eAssessment platform provides your Catholic school or parish with the ability to monitor, track, and report completion of the Child Safety Education Standards for our Family Life program.


Family Life eAssessment Purchasing Process

There are 2 types of licenses to purchase: A teacher edition license for each grade level and a student license for each grade level. When buying Family Life eAssessment follow these guidelines:

Accounts should purchase:

  • 1 teacher edition license for each teacher in each grade
  • 1 student edition license for each student in each grade

You will receive your username and password within 48 hours of the processed invoice.

Once your login information is received in your Email, please visit to activate your license. If there are any questions, please email

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