Catholic Parenting 101: Tips for Building Strong Catholic Families

Dr. Tim Hogan is a writer, psychologist and certified Imago Relationship Therapist who directs two counseling centers in the city of Detroit. He has consulted and taught workshops for the Archdiocese of Detroit and contributed to the RCL Benziger Family Life series. Tim lives with his wife and three children in Plymouth, Michigan. Here are his tips for building stronger Catholic families:

Our Family Faith

The family is where children first experience love, and the home is the first school of discipleship. Supported by Christian communities, families have an essential role in the faith formation of children. RCL Benziger provides resources that recognize the diverse needs of families and Catholic communities, and are adaptable to faith formation models based in homes, schools, or parishes.

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Our Family Gathers 

Realizing that family life today is fast-paced and family schedules are full, Our Family Gathers also provides a seasonal celebration for use in the home, the domestic Church. These home sessions are titled My Family Gathers and are located at the end of each of the five main seasonal celebrations.

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The Order of Mass and the Act of Spiritual Communion

As many Catholic communities are taking part in online celebrations of the Mass, RCL Benziger is pleased to provide you with the Order of Mass and the directions for the Act of Spiritual Communion. These resources, for both children and adults, are available in English and in bilingual Spanish/English.

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