Credo is a faith-centered program, underpinned by a strong social justice element that guides high school students from information to formation to transformation, and opens their hearts and minds to the richness of the Catholic faith tradition. It is written to conform to the USCCB Curriculum Framework. 

Reaches high school students through their lived experience.

  • Features a fully-integrated website, supporting teachers and students
  • Meets the needs of savvy learners and enhances the curriculum through ebooks
  • Implements the doctrinal elements of the new Curriculum Framework
  • Offers all of the core and elective subjects featured in the framework
  • Stays true to both solid theology and sound educational pedagogy
  • Is in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Credo series provides young people with a faith-centered framework within which they will find meaning and purpose for their lives.

To learn more about this program, view the Credo brochure.