Stories of God's Love, Kindergarten, Student Leaflets

Author(s): RCL Benziger

Copyright: 2010


Stories of Gods Love Child's Pack

Love for us as learned from an age-appropriate Scripture story from the Old or New Testament is introduced one week and then the following week, a corresponding real-life story explores how we can learn about and live out God's love every day.



A complete religion readiness program for parishes and schools!

Preschool (ages 3–4 or 4–5) • Kindergarten

The Scripture-based format of Stories of God’s Love begins where every catechesis should begin—by touching children’s hearts with the Gospel message. With this complete religion readiness program, young children learn about God’s love through developmentally appropriate Scripture stories and engaging stories of their own lives. A team of respected early childhood specialists wrote Stories of God’s Love with a choice of either single-day or multi-day formats for ages 3–4, 4–5, and kindergarten.

Stories of God’s Love offers:

  • A Scripture-based approach, presenting the Bible as the source for learning about God
  • Developmentally appropriate formation with story leaflets and seasonal leaflets
  • Separate parish and school guides that meet the needs of both parish and Catholic school programs, with a choice of either single-day or multi-day formats
  • A family focus that helps children and their families live Christian values
  • Online support for children, parents, catechists, and teachers

Stories of God’s Love for preschool children follows the guidelines for preschool materials developed by the Subcommittee on the Catechism of the USCCB.

Online resources are available for children, parents, catechists, and teachers at



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